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    after the update that is
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    and it opens messaging quicker.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flea2k
    One more rant - I have an exchange rule that says to move any email sent only to me to a subfolder. It is set to sync but it does not initiate a sync "as items arrive" like emails that land in my regular inbox. Anyone else having this issue?
    I have not done the update, but I have email forwarding from 3 pop3 accounts to my address, the emails all go into different folders based on what they are (mailinglists, Fatwallet, voicemails, etc).

    I have nothing that goes into my inbox itself, a rule always moves stuff out, unless its some unknown junkmail.

    Will I notice the push effect?
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    Just let out a sigh of relief. Did the upgrade with no problems

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    The calendar appears to load quicker. Also seems like I'm able to move between days faster.

    Not sure if there was always a separate line in the message application telling you how many emails you have unread for each pop accuont but it's there now.

    Font is different.

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    You would think that with the money we've all paid for the device plus the monthly service plan charges that Palm and VZW could have done better quality control and produced an updater module that's better than the POS we're all currently downloading and trying to install.
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    I did notive that if you unzip the download using Windows XP's built in unzipping feature it screws up the name of the MSI file and you have to edit the name in the INI file to get it to work.. or just open the MSI file directly...

    If you use winzip to extract the files all is fine....
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    Quote Originally Posted by shanetrain
    So, should we all call VZ and have our SMS allowance removed? ;-)
    I shall not. This update does not eliminate the SMS requirement for Domino Notes users.
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    I noticed a HUGE performance boost after I deleted at 2800+ 0 byte files in the temp folder yesterday BEFORE I did the update. The key, if you're having problems, is to deleted them 100 at a time. It's much faster than trying to delete them all at once. It's a PITA but faster.

    I just installed the update. The only problem I had was with Winzip not finding the autorun file, but I just uninstalled and reinstalled Winzip and it went off without a hitch.

    Now on to my free copy of Sprite that was 3 months in the making...
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    I did the update and push email works awesome. I also use wireless sync for work email that can't be forwarded to my push server. However, prior to the update, wireless sync would stay on and sync when I received or sent an email.

    After the update, I have to manually turn on wireless sync in order to send or recieve emails. Is anyone else having this problem, or does someone have a solution/fix for the problem?

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    today...of all days our webmail server was on the fritz so i couldnt tell how much the battery was being eaten up due to the push mail since AS was constantly trying to sync today.
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    Anyone perform a hard reset after the update and notice the temp folder in windows is gone? I've synced a few times now and it's not returned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lawrence.c.lee
    i just noticed that if your phone is on silent, it no longer has one long continuous vibrate--it now vibrates in pulses.
    I noticed this on my way home; now I kinda miss it...
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    If you are having trouble with the setup.exe file after you unzip the original .zip file do this...

    Go To and download WinRAR. Install WinRar. After it is installed, right click on the original .zip file and choose "Extract To PalmTreo700Wupdater"

    This will extract the .zip file into a folder called "PalmTreo700WUpdater" Now run the setup.exe file.

    It seems that both Winzip and the Unziping of WinXP do not unzip the files properly and cause issues.

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    I just ignored the message of the missing "MSI" file and clicked on "Palmę Treo÷ 700w Updater Windows Installer Package 1,386 KB" file instead. It installed on my computer and Treo just fine. I have comfirmed that the update really happened, and yes I have the "Burst" mode in the camera and the "Wireless Manager in the connections menu are there.

    So... just ignor this whole thing and click on the "Palmę Treo÷ 700w Updater" file instead. Should save a lot of time and trouble.

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    This was one of the easiest and least disruptive upgrades I've done to a Palm since my first in 1997. Everything went smoothly and I didn't have reinstall everything from scratch. So far, I'm very impressed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by racekarl
    WM5 devices connect to AS 4.1 by essentially emulating a network connection over USB, which has caused some people problems. The USBSwitch allows you to toggle the USB cable sync between the default RNDIS (network mode) and the old serial mode.

    Not sure of the advantages/disadvantages of either.
    With this feature I can now activesync my PDA with the Nortel Contivity VPN up and running. There is an issue with the Nortel client not binding to the PDA network adapter. So when you started activesync the VPN connection would drop.
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    For some reason push is not available after the update. I go to "schedule" and the "as items arrive" option is not there. Also, I cannot find the "locate on server" option in the contacts.

    All of the other features of the update are on my Treo. I'm fairly certain my company is running SP2 but I only asked one of the guys. He may have heard me wrong. Would this indicate that we don't have SP2?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesdoe
    ive got gmail set up under the messaging settings as a pop3 account, but am not getting the push functionality and i know my install was successful...any suggestions?...i turned off the function to check for messages every x minutes since i thought this was supposed to be real time? i need to use wireless sync?
    i just hung up with vzw an gmail won't be ready for wireless sync for another month or so....allegedly! So for now you have to update the old way.
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    that stupid "cannot connect" as you phone searches for email while on a call pop up seems to be gone which is nice

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