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    Hello everyone,

    I'm a first-time poster, long time reader of this forum; I really appreaciate all the time and information people pour into this site.

    I'm looking to replace my aging Motorola V710 with the 700w, but what's really holding me back the size. I've seen them recently, but I've never actually held or used one.

    For example: I can put the motorola phone in my pocket and be on my way to the gym, work, bike ride, etc. I'm assuming that I would not want to do this with the 700w due to the possibility of breaking the screen and due to it's size?

    I guess what I want to know is: What do you do if you're going out for a night on the town and you don't want to have the phone clipped to your hip in a case?

    I realize this may sound strange, but it's a really imporant factor in choosing the phone. I don't want to have to think twice about my cell phone before I go out somewhere.

    Any comments appreciated.

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    Well for me I don't care about having it on the hip when I go out. But that might be because I have it there when every I am out of the house. I don't even notice a difference anymore and I used to have the Motorola V815.
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    I agree with Dimitri. Me and my 700 are joined at the hip also. Haven't had an issue but then again I don't carry take it in the gym with me.

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    i have the innopocket metal case for solid protection. the phone itself is actually quite light and comfortable, but the case i have does add some weight and bulk. i don't like it on the hip, so i keep it in my front jeans pocket. i find it a little heavy but very tolerable. in the colder weather i keep it in my jacket pocket.
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    Thank you for your responses guys;

    Anyone else?
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    I just put on a screen protector(to prevent scratches) and leave it in my front pants pocket. Works for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ElliottW
    Thank you for your responses guys;

    Anyone else?
    You won't have to think twice.
    Why are ringtones always such a big issue? Don't people realize that they're obnoxious!? And why the Nintendo 'Wii'? What th-!?
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    ditto to shmelty. front pocket carry, just don't wear your "booty jeans" to the club.
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    i had the belt clip holster for a while but i kept bumpin my treo in to stuff, i then went to a skin but became a pain when i had to do soft resets when i DL new software and for the rare hiccup so kno i jus keep it in my pocket, yeah its bigger then other phones but not to the point where its unbearable so i wouldnt worry to much
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    It's in my pocket.
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    I also keep it in my front pocket with a Vaja case... no problems.

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