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    I like to sync my phone with both exchange server and my desktop at home. It was working fine for a few weeks but recently it hangs when I sync it with my desktop and eventually stops after around 4 minutes. It always works fine when it syncs with the exchange server (wirelessly) but it seems to hang and disconnect with exchange server when I connect with bluetooth or usb with my laptop?

    Does anybody run into this problem and does anybody have a solution?

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    Jadco the first thing to do is go to your Windows/temp folder and delete all files that are in there. There should be a huge amount of 0kb files in there, and it make take awhile (10 min. - 30 min.) to delete them all, but delete with confidence. Plan to periodically go into this folder to clean it out as the files build up.

    When you open up the Windows/temp folder, select Menu, choose Edit, and then choose Select All. Then select menu again, and choose Delete.

    There's a thread about this somewhere in this forum but I can't find it at the moment.
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    Nash. That was it. Thanks for the help.
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    Update your phone to the newly released AKU II ROM for 700w and these zero byte files will stop accumulating.

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