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    I bought a Trio 700w about 3 months ago and was amazed how well it worked, better than any of my windows pda’s and solved lots of issues. I know from experience not to install to much on it. So I put on my ewallet, listpro, cerdisplay, picsel viewer and that is about it.

    This ran grate for about 2 months and more and more I find it locked up so when I press the power button nothing happens. This is bad because I go hours without knowing it is lockup on my hip and not getting email. I can live without the push but do need emails within 30 min or so.

    Also seems to have slowed down a lot I will hit buttons and it just take several seconds to respond now and then. To help remedy this I soft reset, I have plenty of memory left (9.16 in program – 45.82 in storage after reset), I put everything I can on my 4 gig SD card, except programs, clean out the IE catch and history.

    Help any idea what is going on or what else I can try.
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    Theres a sticky about these types of lockups...check it out. Also think about xcpuscalar...which can overclock you treo.
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    Dang, I knew they where there for a reason.... Yes I am blind.

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