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    I am trying to access Shoutcast streams through the GSPlayer, but can not seem to make it work. I've downloaded the playlist, but when I try to play it, nothing happens. I think there is some sort of internet connection problem because the same thing happens when I try to open a URL stream.

    Does the player have to be configured to somehow access the internet? Any help is appreciated...
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    What device are you using and what type of connection? WiFi or carrier data?
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    The 700, just using the regular Verizon internet. Is that what you were asking?
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    yeah, I was asking because I use the 8125 on Cingular and if you have it setup to use a proxy when connected to EDGE data, streaming won't work. I'm not familiar with Verizon's data, but if there is a proxy server option, take it off and see if it works.
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    shoutcast tv or shoutcast radio... tv doenst work.. at least i cant get it to... and i havent tried a radio playlist... just the actual url to a station.... ill try a list in a moment and report back

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