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    Hey guys I was wondering what your thoughts were on what is the best media player for the 700.

    Specificially I am looking for something that can make and edit playlists on the handheld, play video, and all the other good stuff.

    I cant seem to edit or make playlists on WMplayer on the 700. Your thoughts?
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    I have the same problem... I have tried making playlists on the desktop and transferring them and it still doesn't work.
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    Are you syncing through the cable or BT? I sync through BT because my cable does not sync. I thought maybe thats why I cant sync my playlists. Frustrating as heck.
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    I use TCPMP.

    It won't save playlist per se BUT you can have them sorted by title or artist making them easy to find once you access your sd card.

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    TCPMP! I could download videos and not have to do any converting at all, just click and play, and when I used TCPMP with my iPaq that had wifi I could view my videos and stream over the network! It was great!
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    For music only, it's hard to beat GSplayer for managing playlists (the same ones as Winamp). GSPlayer doesn't do videos though - for that I agree with the other posters here: TCPMP.
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    I use TCPMP for PLS (Shoutcast). RealPlayer for Real content and WMP for Windows Media streams. I tried Resco Radio for PLS but dfound it unstable. I think the lack of ability to bookmark in the Windows Media Player is very annoying.
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    Hands down Pocket Player.

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