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    Handheld security is often overlook, but always regretted it was when it is stolen or lost.

    What do you use for your security on you WM device?
    What do you like about it and what don't you like about it?
    What else are you looking for?
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    For my main security, I use SignWise Professional ver 2.52 . The official website is .

    For the most part I really like it. I have handed my phone to several people, both savvy and ignorant about PPCs to see if they could figure how to log in either thru knowledge or simply dumb luck. Most of them never figured out that you had to use a signature to log in. And those that did had no way of knowing what and how to sign it......especially since I do not use my name as my login signature.

    • It is unique enough to make most everyone at least pause if they were trying to get into your device.
    • It is skinable, with several really nice free skins free to download and use.
    • Can set how many wrong tries before the phone is locked.
    • Can answer a call while logged out.
    • You can then set how long it will be locked for. The options are None, 3 min, 5 min, 10 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 2 hours, Head reset. (I haven't looked but I bet there is a reg hack to increase this for 3 days! =)
    • Prompt for signature login in after same set of intervals as in point above
    • Assign a hardware key to automatically log you out.
    • Sync PW
    • Encrypt files with 128 bit encryption. Great for SD cards.
    • SignWise Logout included which is a system turn-off, Logout, and soft-reset utility

    • Have to use stylus to log in. This is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I don't even notice in anymore.
    • If a phone call comes in while logged out, you can answer it.......but then the title bar and menu become visible. I can browse the menu and even launch a program....but cannot access anything I launch until after signed in. this may be a factor that I am using Wisbar. I have not found this to be give access to anything yet, but I guess there is a chance this could be exploited beyond simply seeing what I listed in my menu.
    • Cannot encrypt folder or the whole SD card
    • Probably the most expensive login app for a WM device.
    • Do not know if it works on square screen.

    Here is a sampling of some of the skins:
    (pics changed)


    SignWise Standard $39.95:

    Signwise Pro $49.95:

    SignWise Logout FREE:

    4 out of 5 stars
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    Here are some other security options that I have not used:

    PicturePassword: It allows to personalize your PDA with custom full-screen pictures. Picture and button codes work simultaneously. Big clock, date and battery level are displayed on the lock screen.

    SignGate: A different signature log in app.

    visKey secures your Pocket PC against unauthorized access and shows only a picture of your choice at system startup. Access is only granted, if you hit the correct spots in the correct order on this picture.

    remotePROTECT (formerly known as PDAkill): It allows users to send a predefined SMS message which will hard reset the PDA, deleting the user data (including the storage area* and Storage Card which eliminates any files surviving the hard reset) returning the device to its original factory settings. The PDAKill package also gives the option NOT to delete the storage area and storage card. SIM change protection , if the SIM is changed then a message is sent to a predefined telephone number stating the IMSI and IMEI numbers.

    PocketSecure: Traditional security login app with a nice looking interface:
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    I use Splash ID on my Palm OS Treos and now on my WM devices for all of my
    • CC info including numbers to call if lost / stolen
    • Travel Memberships: Frequent Flier Miles, Car Rental Priority, ect...
    • Bank accounts info
    • Insurance information and contact info
    • Identification for all family members, i.e. Drivers License, SS#, etc..
    • Memberships with all contact #: Timeshares, Costco, YMCA, etc...
    • Account numbers and contact info for all bills: phone, water, gas, mortgage, etc...
    • Passwords & Combinations: websites, storage unit code, etc...

    I really do not see any cons with this program and have found it very useful like when I am traveling and realized that I forgot my Airlines FF#, or when my wife calls me and says the cashier at the store just dropped her CC in a crack in the counter is unable to get it out and needs to report the card, looked up the phone number and CC number for her card and gave it to her on the spot.

    I always keep the information in Storage on my phone so that it is never lost during a hard reset and cannot be taken if SD card is removed or stolen. I then encrypted the files with my main security program for extra protection.

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    I think firewalls for our device may be important..especially now that they are always connected to support Direct Push....In another post i talked about how I can ping my device causing it to go from dormant mode to active mode...

    If you are in a 1xRTT data area and I know your IP address I could cause your calls to go to VM at will!

    (I notice that when the phone goes to sleep it stops responding to ping requests though so calls would come through...)
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    Havent tried a DOS attack against my device but that would be interesting to try...I did a quick TCP port scan but it didnt come back with anything open (well it did come back with port 21 (FTP) once but I think it may of just been a fluke).
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    Has anyone tried this one yet? You can use a web portal to lock or wipe your phone.

    With mSafe you can protect your data remotely, when your device is missing, stolen or you simply don't have access to it. mSafe implements reliable kill-pill feature by enabling you to lock the device or completely erase the content of the device and SD card using your private web portal, mSafe portal, or from any cell phone by sending it a single SMS message.

    mSafe features:

    • Lock or wipe your device using your private web portal, mSafe portal
    • Lock or wipe your device with a single SMS message
    • Unmount or wipe SD card content remotely
    • Automatically lock device in critical situations like device reset, SIM card removal, SD card removal, network coverage lost etc.
    • Receive confirmation SMS message after the device is locked to the number lock request is sent from* and/or to another, user configurable, number.

      Link to manual.

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    my company deploys Afaria Security Manager. It has all of the same stuff as the products mentioned above, but it includes centralized administration and password recovery.

    It also allows for remote lockdown and data fading.
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    I used to use Picture Password on my 6600 and really liked it. I have yet to find anything similar that I can get to work on my Treo 700 wx. Anybody had any success in this area?

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