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    I have had great luck with my new treo and after overclocking it to 416mhz it is like a whole new machine, much more responsive and no noticable battery degredation. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knew of VOIP software for connecting to a H323 or SIP server? I found a beta of the sjphone software for wm5 but it doesn't seem to square screen friendly and i can't see how to point it to the server. Any ideas?

    I'm trying to setup a H323 conference server so my wife can call me on her broadband line from iraq. We used to use skype but it now drops calls ever few seconds because the connection is so bad. It would be nice to have voip software on the treo that way she could call when i wasn't tethered to my computer.

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    You can do Skype on Treo ...but.....
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    i'm sorry I should have stated that skyype is not an option. her connection is not of the quality where that will work for longer than a few secs. teamspeak works great but there is no pockepc client. thus why we are trying to setup our own voip server.

    just a note though. skype works great when you have a decent connection. i've experenced no echo problem.
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    There's software you can use to alter the apparent resolution of the screen from 240x240 to 240x320. It can be done on the fly, and will allow most software to run OK. Look here for more info.


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