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    I got a treo 700w and need to be able to have its appointments , contacts, tasks etc etc updated while im out on the road. I have tried active sync but i dont think you can have more then one computer adding things. What im trying to accomplish is having my assistant be able to add things to my appointmets on my treo from her desk without messing up what ive added from my laptop. Is there a software or a way to allow multiple people to add things to my schedule and have it push them to me on the road. Any ideas? If you cant tell im new to the forum
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    you can sync 2 computers. If your on the road and want your information updated, only thing I can think of is emailing you the udated schedule...I would be curious if anyone can think of something else.
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    Do you use outlook at work?

    if so, contacts, appointments, everything should be synced via the air.

    so if your assistant wanted to add an appointment, she could S+ you in outlook, and it would automatically be added to your treo.

    Otherwise, i'm not sure exactly what you're asking.
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    Haven't actually tried this myself, but can't you just give her access to your calendar via outlook and give her security rights to add appointments (and possibly change or delete if need be). Then she can just open you calendar in Outlook and add appointments or update current ones. You can still sync with Exchange and get all the updates while on the road.
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    ^^^ that's what i was trying to say..

    i use an 8125 at work normally, and it works fine for me...
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    For your schedule / contacts:

    Organizations looking for an efficient way to keep their members up-to-date will welcome the convenience of Natara's DatePakô calendar distribution tool for Palm OS and Pocket PC handhelds.

    DatePak is an innovative product designed to aid organizations in distributing information about its events, contact people, and meeting schedules. This Windows based tool generates handheld applications containing schedule, contact, and general information for distribution to Palm OS and Pocket PC handhelds.

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