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    My bluetooth modem is limited to being 115K , how would I go about incireasing he speed on my computer so that I can go as fast as my EVDO? I'm on Windows XP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reverland
    My bluetooth modem is limited to being 115K
    How do you know that?
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    Well just by the settings in the modem control on Windows XP, it won't let me set the port faster than 115,000 , I remember in Windows 95 - 98 I could set it faster. I'm hoping if I can override that value that it will go as fast as EVDO can go, but I haven't found anything on any forum. I saw one forum say that it would be limited to 143K because of bluetooth, but on the package of my bluetooth it said it caps out at 700K.
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    I don't get it, please elaborate.

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