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    I am new to the whole Treo/PDA world. I manage Windows Small Business Servers for several companies. I set up VPN connections for each on the Treo. They all connect just fine, but as soon as I try to do anything (browse to an intranet, sync Exchange via ActiveSync, Remote Desktop, etc), it drops the VPN connection. The Verizon Broadband connection stays connected, but the VPN connection drops. It does this on all 3 VPN's I have set up now (three different companies). Any ideas?

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    I'm experiencing the exact same thing using a third-party VPN service ( I connect just fine and then when I try to do anything, the connection drops....very frustrating.
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    This is not specific to the 700w.... other WM5 devices do the same thing... I dont know how to resolve this issue unfortunately

    If I was a programer (was in a former life) a simple app to poll an internal resource (like ping SERVER01 on the inside of your LAN) would keep it up...

    I can keep it connected to the VPN if i connect then stream music (one way of hiding what you do from VZW).

    Good luck...

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