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    A little off the Treo, but I need some help with Outlook 2002. I finally have evrything working well and now I'm having computer problems - I'm preparing for a possible crash. I want to back up my Outlook 2002. Research has led me to the info that I need to backup my Outlook.PST file. If I need to reinstall Outlook 2002, will replacing that file into the new Outlook restore all my folders, calendar, contact list, etc? Do I need to do anything else or any other files? What about the custom outlook settings I have?
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    Custom outlook settings will not be saved. All the PST file does is act like a database file that has your contacts and emails, so you won't loose those. You will need to setup your email accounts again, along with any RULES you've created for them. FOLDERS, CONTACTS, and EMails will all be peserved in that PST file.

    But yes, you would simple IMPORT the backed up PST file
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    1. Is there anyway I can save everything such that it is set up like I currently have it?
    2. If I upgrade to a newer version of Outlook, I assume I can import that 2002 PST file into it, correct?
    3. If I upgrade to a newer Outlook, do I just install ActiveSync alone from the Treo disc, then it will work with that new version as it does now with the 2002 I installed from the disc?
    Thanks again,
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    The Treo doesn't care which version of OUTLOOK you have, if you upgrade it won't matter.

    To answer your first question...The only thing I have found that will do something like that is basically like a Norton Ghost where your doing the whole drive as a back and then restore, but that won't help in installing a new version.

    If you just installing a new version over an old Version...then all your settings will remain. I was just talking about if your computer crashed and you reloaded and you imported your PST file, you would have to set all your accounts back up... But an upgrade to a newer version of OUtlook will perserve everything you have now...even your Rules.
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    What about the activesyn issue? After installing a fresh version of Outlook (not an upgrade), do I just install activesync from the disc?
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    you should already have the newest version of ActiveSync installed regardless whether or not you have OUTLOOK 2002, 2003 or any Outlook at all. Once Outlook is installed or updated, Activesync will work with it. If you don't have active sync installed I would download it from Microsoft's website, not the install off the cd, after you install or upgrade Outlook.
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    I'm looking at a drive reformat and complete reinstall of everything. I've seen other threads in which users recommend using the AS version off the CD rather than microsoft's website version.
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    I've used both....and I can't find the difference myself. I've had issues with both.

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