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    I will likely be purchasing a phone/pda or a phone + pda in the next month or so. The Treo 700w really caught my eye. I like everything about it except the 240x240 screen. I previously owned a Dell Axim x50v, and x3 before that, so my screen expectations are relatively high.

    My question is this, how is the screen on the device, really?
    - Can you easily see the individual pixels?
    - Is text clear and easy to read?

    How does the square display handle software?
    - How are the today screen plugins working? (Pocket Breeze, iLauncher)
    - How are other PIM programs working? (Pocket Informant in particular)
    - Any problems with the display?

    Last but not least, is the Treo 700w a device you would recommend to a student who has basic phone needs and semi-serious (not multimedia) PDA needs? In the PDA aspect, I plan to use it for the following:
    - Contacts, appointments, etc. (Pocket Breeze, Pocket Informant)
    - Occasional note taking (PhatPad and Calligrapher)
    - Browsing office documents (Pocket Word, Excel)
    - eBook reading (MS Reader) - I used to read quite alot on my x50v

    If anyone has several PDAs (Treo 700w + Pocket PCs), could you please snap an upclose, high-res picture of the Treo and another device with both screens turned on? (Today screen on both devices would be perfect.)

    I would really like to see a high resolution picture of the Treo 700w screen turned on. The screen is the only part of the device pushing me away, everything else is great.

    Thanks alot.

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    if u want a phone first and pda 2nd...this is the phone for you. I've gone through a KJAM/MDA/700/6700/and back to 700 because it's a great working phone. the screen is not so bad...unless you're using excel or something you wont have any issues. I do miss the landscape screen of the 6700/MDA/KJAM but i can live without it
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    At last, someone who has tried out more phones than me!
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    LOL i dont know if that's something i'm proud of...thank God my wife is understanding. The phones i listed are just within the last 4 months mind you
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    If you think that's a lot of devices, I went through 10 different mobile devices in 16 months before settling in with the Treo 700w. The 240x240 doesn't really phase me at all, and with programs like NYDITOT Virtual Display 5.02, you can still get the best of both worlds when you need to. However, most applications are now accomodating the square screens, and so are the good games, too.

    Check out my article at Pocket PC Thoughts:,47921

    Also, DinarSoft MemMaid 1.6 was just released with support for 240x240, but the previous version did work, albeit with scroll bars. And, if you're resourceful enough, you can use a program like Resource Hacker to modify the dialog boxes and screen layouts of many programs. That's how I was able to modify Cyberon Voice Commander to accomodate the square screen.
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    I went from the samsung i700 to the Treo 700W. It's not as bad as you would
    think for reading ebooks which I do a lot of. I use Ubook Reader, it supports more
    formats and is a much better choice than MS Reader.
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    I also found that turning on Cleartype made a very big improvement so don't forget to turn on that option.
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    The size of the pixels is pretty small so although it's 240x240 it still looks fairly sharp. I eventually turned on cleartype to help render some of the smaller fonts and italics. At first it seemed like looking through thick plastic, but I got used to it and like it now. I still miss the crispness of the screen without cleartype though.
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    kerunt....Welcome to TC!!!

    Basically I think it comes down to what you want to do with it. For me, the small screen is a major con because I use spreadsheets, a lot of GPS, landscape to remote control my desktop at work, etc.....

    If you have a specific software you want/need to use on the 700w, you might want to verify that is supports 240x240 square screen first. Just like it was mentioned above, there is a lot of software is starting to support, but at the same time there is a lot that do not support it yet either.

    The other factor is if you are looking for a phone first and PDA second, then this is right up your alley.

    But with only 32 MB of RAM, if you are looking for a lot of PDA use, you might want to evaluate you needs first.

    So basically it boils down to what you want to do with it, and depending on your answer, my answer would be either Yes or No for you.
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    Thanks for all the help everyone!

    I'm thinking I may go with a seperate pda and phone. I played around with a friend's Nokia smartphone - liked it. The 7610 seems like a pretty full featured phone which isn't too expensive...

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