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    I have not been able to play media files using Orb. Whenever Windows Media Player opens, it connects to the file and says "Playing", but then an error message always pops up saying that it can not play the file due to a "network error."

    I have no problems accessing content from my web browser on my work computer. Does anyone know what might be causing this error message?

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    I have the same problem, anyone able to help?
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    yeah for some reason ORB using Windows Media Player stopped working for everybody I hear a while'll have to use TCPMP instead, and there's a reg hack to enable that as the default player instead of Windows Media Player.
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    Just check the .asx file in TCPMP options and that will make it the default, it so much better then WMP. It plays my TV in true full screen, not the cut off crap that WMP did.
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    Plus it allows fast forwarding and rewinding in the streams
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    Can't find the .asx file in the TCPMP Options. Can someone advise where exactly to set it as default.

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    listed under options/file Associations select Windows metafiles (ASX,WMX,WVX,WAX).
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    I am still using ORB with Windows Media player. I just have to make sure that my free memory is around 8M or so. Sometimes it is necessary to try playing the stream twice, though.
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    I have my ORB defaulting to TCPMP and works fine. However, when streaming I always get a "Download File; A file with this name already exists. Do you want to replace it?" message. Anybody else get this and is there a work-around? Not a major problem, just annoying.
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    Thanks Captsoto.
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    i am looking for the same exact thing. That question is so annoying.

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