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    as a real estate professional.

    This is based on my CPA who stated that I need to show 750+ hours per year on real estate activities to qualify for this classification.

    Anyone know of s/w that does this where I can track this? Or a way in Outlook via bars or categories that will somehow tally the number of hours at the end of the year?

    Thanks in advance..
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    I had a hard time finding something that worked decent for my consulting biz on the Treo. Ended up buying TimeBiller. It works well, and is capable of building reports and tracking other various things.
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    Try Timesheet at Works for me.
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    Never mind... Just noticed this ? was posted in the 700w forum. I wish the mobile version of this site would indicate which forum each thread is located in when you "view all new posts" or "view all today's posts".
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    Have your broker on company letterhead write out a letter stating that you are working full-time.
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    A simple spreadsheet oughta do that:

    Here's one I use:
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    My wifes a real estate agent and I have never heard of this. As a agent how can you prove work hours? In what state do you practice?
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