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    Hello all,

    I've learned a ton here since having my 700w for the last week. Thanks a bunch.

    I would like to assign my speakerphone to come on using the side button, and have looked everywhere to find out if it is possible with no luck.

    I'm thinking it might take some 3rd party program if at all possible?

    Any ideas?

    staying optimistic.... Paul
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    bump. I would like to be able to map side buttom to speakerphone as well. Is it possible? If so, how is it done? Thanks!
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    Yes it's possible. Try installing teksoft speakerphone. It comes with a today plugin and allows you to assign a button. I didn't like the plugin so I turned it off in settings, but the speakerphone turns on and off just fine. You can even turn on the speakerphone before calling so it's on from the start.

    By default it took over the windows start button (button 1) and I had to change it back to <windows start> in button settings. I then changed the "hold side" button to Toggle Speakerphone.
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    hannip, thanks for the link! I installed it, re-mapped my Windows button, and mapped "hold side" to the speakerphone. Works great! The plugin was kinda weird so I turned it off. Any idea what the different buttons for the plugin do?
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    The web site says it supports auto answer and auto reject so I assume the buttons turn these on and off.
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    you're it?

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