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    Saw this and thot some of you may wanna peek...

    "Don't you just hate that because you're not a top executive or your expense account can't justify a spendy BlackBerry® device to receive and send Emails on the go? You must have heard it over and over again that budgets are tight and mobile Email is a costly luxury that not everyone could afford!

    Well emoze has put an end to that!

    If you are a business user that does not have or cannot afford a Blackberry®, a student or parent who wants Email on the go and currently has an Email account in the office or at home, using Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes or any Web Service as your Email client, you are eligible to use emoze's FREE mobile Push Email service.

    Seamlessly, Automatically, Encrypted and Fully Secured.

    All you need to do is download and install our client and you'll begin to receiving Emails directly to your mobile device."
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