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    Some basic questions from a noob. I’m currently moving so I have to switch carriers from Cingular to Verizon is the only one with service. I currently own an hw6515, which is a great pda but poor phone. My questions…

    1.) I run two 3rd party programs on my pda, MySportTraining for tracking my workouts, and TomTom Navigation 5. With the limited memory is the 700 capable of running TomTom with no problems? I know MySportraining can run of an SD so that’s not a big deal.What about GPS Bluetooth with BT headset?
    2.) I use my cell phone as my main business and personal line, the HP hw6515 was horrible as a phone. Is the Treo 700w the best option for a phone that has WM5? From what I have read it is, but I would love some more feedback.

    I appreciate your responses I have learned a lot from the forum and searches already. Thanks
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    Tom Tom says that they are not supporting the Treo 700w yet however some users have gotten the software to work. I personally am using the Copilot software and it works well with the Treo 700.

    As for the second question I think you will have mixed responses to this. As a phone it works well except that it doesn't have the great signal that you usually get woth Verizon.
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    First of all....Welcome to TC!!!!

    See the GPS thread in the WM Apps forum for detailed answers on several of the GPS options out there and how they work....or don't work...on the 700w. That should help you.

    Add GPS, you won't regret it if you travel....
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    Well I really appreciate your input and i will keep trying to research.
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    I use MyPersonalDiet (same author as MySportTraining) with no trouble. I chose to use Mapopolis since it I was used to it on my Palm devices. I've not tried BT GPS and headset with this device but I had no trouble with them on other WM devices.
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    My TomTom works flawlessly with the latest update from the TomTom website. I use it often and have lots of 3rd party apps and still have over 13 mbs free after soft reset (avg of about 11 over time)
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    Well Stozman that sounds very promising! Does the phone aspect of the device fit your needs?
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    Same here for TomTom, works great on the 700w. I have a few other apps that work well and use the loaded software mostly. I've been happy with this phone. The TomTom set-up is very cool - probably the best feature on this device. There's a few things that are minor annoyances - but overall, I'm pleased with the 700 as a phone and a pda. There has been a learning curve and some customizing. I ordered the seidio bundle with TomTom that was claimed to be for the 700w. I had to dl the latest WM version. It works well, don't expect much help from TomTom. The CS really is bad...mostly non -existant. Better to search here for help if it's required.
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    I can tell you whole heartedly that despite a lot of negetivity surrounding this particular device, it still beats the pants off of any other device in its class...IN MY OPINION. It does NOT have the most memory or the largest screen/best resolution. However, the form factor and the flexixbility with EVDO seal the deal for me.
    Whatever you decide, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!!
    This should include a field trip to verizon where I recommend you play with the 700 as well as the 6700 and perhaps even the 650. With this small time investment, you will be much less likely spending much more time in the future complaining about the phone on a forum like this (which we see happening soooooo often).
    Good Luck!
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    The Form Factor is what keeps bringing me back to the Treo. Don't get me wrong the hw6900 coming out soon with built in wi-fi and GPS is very appealing. But my experience with PPC and there lack of ability to be a phone has turned me away from everything but the Treo. I actually prefer WM over Palm OS, the 650 is definitely a great device but probably not for me. Thank You so much for the helpful reviews this forum is awesome. I will definitely continue my research. I appreciate your guys help so much.
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    If you really rely on your phone and are one of those types that gets PO'd if you miss a call or something because its a customer calling to buy a million dollars worth of stuff from you then get the Treo but you **WILL NOT** be happy with this as your only phone. You will end up with a RAZR or LG 8100 to use as your phone and the Treo for data/PDA. At least that's where I'm at right now. I have found that the Treo (and I've tried two of them) is just not as good as a standard phone for reception. You will get voicemails and realize that your phone didn't ring, you will drop calls in places where a RAZR or 8100 LG will hold them just fine, etc. I have personally test this myself and now I have a RAZR as a second line that I use for calls and I still love the Treo for its internet access and PDA functionality. If Plam comes out with a 64 Mb Treo 750W and fixes some of these annoying bugs and if they improved the radio transceiver so that it works as well as a regular phone, they will have the best device on the market in my opinion. Hope that helps.
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    Ok well does the 6700 get better reception than the Treo? Is the 6700 a better option as a phone-pda? Obviously you’re getting away from the Treo’s great form factor with the 6700 but should I be looking at that instead as far as a better phone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wsufreak
    Ok well does the 6700 get better reception than the Treo? Is the 6700 a better option as a phone-pda? Obviously you’re getting away from the Treo’s great form factor with the 6700 but should I be looking at that instead as far as a better phone?
    Perhaps it's all geographic specific. Here on the west coast, I have enjoyed nothing but absolute success with Verizon and sheer dismay with Sprint (Los Angeles centric). I get as wonderful reception on my Treo 700 as I do my samsung flip-phone which I don't find a use for any longer.

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    Its not a Verizon issue and it is an absolute fact that the Treo 700w does not perform as well on average as the tried and true Motorola V710, E815, RAZR or the LG 8000/8100. I have done side by side tests in a known fringe area with multiple units and firmly believe this. Now don't mistake what I am saying. I am not saying that the Treo 700w reception is "bad". I am only saying that I have found through personal experience that it is not as good as it could be. That being said, if you're not hard core and can tolerate an occasional missed or dropped call then you probably don't really need a second phone. Also, given all of its bugs and problems, I do think that the Treo 700w is probably the best device as far as form factor. I have not personally used the 6700 so I don't know how it stacks up in the reception department.
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    The key term in the last post is "fringe area". I agree that it is totally geographicaly specific. In the SF Bay Area I get near perfect reception with 900+ avg. EVDO speeds all the time where ALL other carriers have performed sub-par. I on the other hand have heard lots of complaints from friend with Razrs regarding strength of construction i.e. lots o' broken units.
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    In my previous post, you may interpret "fringe area" as in the middle of a major city, near within 3 air miles of Interstate 75 expressway. I called Verizon and provided the address of where I was doing my testing and they advised that I was in a well covered area but not really close to any one tower. They said at my address, I was surrounded by 6 towers but I was kinda in the furthest point from all of them. i.e. In the center of a circle of towers so to speak. So it was a "well" covered area by Verizon standards. I simply observed that the Treo 700w would drop calls and not be able to place calls at all when my Motorola v710 and RAZR could. So please don't interpret "fringe area" as out in the boonies or something like that. Perhaps I should not have used that term. Also, I have not personally had any "strenght of construction" problems with any phone that I have ever owned. I do believe that some people are hard on phones and some models will hold up better than others. My only point in all of my posts was to alert the original poster that the Treo 700w, through demonstrated tests using my own equipment, did not perform as well as other regular phone handsets. I did not say its not acceptable or anything like that. Merely its not as good as it could be and you may, like me, experience an occasional dropped and/or missed call if you use it for your only phone where you otherwise would not if you were using a standard Motorola or LG handset.
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