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    Ok, this technically isn't a treo question, but I do have a treo, I just don't use it for GPS purposes. I have a Dell Axim v5 that I keep in my car all the time for GPS purposes, and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for GPS software for this device. It's running Windows Mobile 2003, and I know thats a dated software, but I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. I use the Ostia Software for US now that uses my GPS reciever throught he COM port. I like the features that this software has, but the maps are really starting to get outdated, and I haven't seen any updates for this software in a long time. These are the features I like

    Real-time tracking and detailed street map
    Route computation with turn restrictions
    Voice-prompted driving directions
    Turn-by-turn directions
    Off-route warning with one touch re-route
    Finds addresses, intersections and points of interest
    Point-to-point routing
    Uses GPS input for location and tracking

    Any suggestions? I was hoping software that everyone uses on their Treo would also work on Windows Mobile 2003.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rowdyonegh
    ... was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for GPS software for this device.
    In the same way TreoCentral is tops for all things Treo, GPS Passion is tops for all things GPS. It's a similarly engaged, very helpful community that will aid you in your search for GPS goodness.
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    I was looking into ALK CoPilot live for the Treo 700w but the amount of RAM needed to run isn't shown and I may wait for the PPCtechs RAM ugprade fist.
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    There is also an extensive thread on using GPS software on the 700w in the WM Apps Forum.

    Add GPS, you won't regret it if you travel....

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