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    This problem has happened to me about 4 or 5 times now on 2 700's. My first 700 was replaced when I reported the issue to Verizon. Occasionally, I'll find a message that somehow got (unintentionally) saved in the Drafts SMS message folder. Selecting that folder in Pocket Outloom will hang the program. This doesn't happen with all drafts - it seemingly happens at random. I can usually kill outlook with the task manager, but only a hard boot will clear the offending message in drafts (and of course everything else). Has this happened to anyone ?
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    Wish I could give you better news but you'll need to hard reset to clear up that problem. You can do a Sprite backup and restore everything except the mail folders after that hard reset.

    To avoid the hard reset, Sprite offers a free utility (CleanMail) which will wipe out your Poutlook email and recreate it. However, when I last used it, it did not recreate the MMS folder.

    The downside is that you'll lose all of the Poutlook mail (text, MMS, email) you've saved on your device. (That is the reason I unsuccessfully looked for a utility to export my saved text messages.)

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