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    Well I took my first “road trip” since purchasing my 700W in mid January. I had some problems that I had NOT experienced locally.

    When driving through areas of South Georgia this past weekend (at times where there was NO coverage) on five different occasions I picked up my Treo 700W, tried to power it up, but found it had only a black screen. After multiple attempts, the screen became visible, but with NO backlight and it appeared that the phone was “locked up” and unable to send or receive a call. It also (if I saw this correctly) seemed to be in an “endless” cycle of trying to access the network (probably due to my setting of checking for emails every 15 minutes). Additionally I noticed the phone was “hot” – kind of like when you’ve been on a long phone call. To get things working again I had to do a soft reset. When I did, I observed that my battery was nearly completely drained.

    This was a consistent problem for the three days I spent traveling through small rural areas in South Georgia, and every time the symptoms were the same. I am a bit concerned. Usually I do a fair bit of travel (not so recently), and I fear that if this is an ongoing problem, I am likely to be VERY frustrated. Since I have returned home (where there is almost always good coverage) and I have had no further problems.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Has anyone else had this problem?

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