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    I was really leaning towards the 650, just because I figured the 700w was new and may have problems. Plus I heard lots of people complain. But then I realized most people that complained were palm users so they werent used to the 700w format. For me, I've never really had a palm. On and off, but not really. So OS was not important to me.

    So last week I was travelling and I was at the Boston airport and went to the Palm1 store they have and compared the 650 to the 700w side by side. Didnt get a chance to get too many things, but I was really impressed with the 700w. Then I read that the 650 needs a lot of 3rd party appls to get you up to where you want to be, whereas the 700w comes with most installed (e.g. Word, Excel, etc).

    So, I used my v710 exchange and got the 700w. Ordered it yesterday and confirmed it was shipped, so I'll get it tomorrow or Monday. Net cost to me was about $80 bucks for the phone. I am.

    Anything you guys want to tell me about the phone? I read about the memory issue, and I'm not sure if we can upgrade past 32mb of ram. But any other info you guys have, or appls that I should use or get, or best bluetooth earpiece, or best programs to listen to mp3s, watch videos, watch tv on my 700w, access my home pc, etc etc, let me know what you guys like. Thanks
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    All I can say is it's a great phone with some shortcomings and use the search function because there are lots of threads dedicated to favorites.
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    I know to use the search button if I'm looking for something I need. But if I'm looking for what's treo 700w users like, how would I find that out other than sending a PM or something to everyone individually? I suppose I could do a search for "treo 700w" and "favorite applications" but then that would only show the people who posted something. I was thinking I could have posters and non posters come in here and post what they liked the best?
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    $80 bucks with exchanging it with a v710.....what a deal! I would have done the exact same thing in a heart beat!

    There are several threads with Must have apps and favorite apps. If a search doesn't bring some of them up, let us know.

    Also check out the WM Apps forum.
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    Hell yeah. I purchased the v710 in 2004 when it came out for $319.99 plus tax, which was $362.

    Verizon is offering the Treo 600w for $499, but you get $100 off for the voice/data plan at $79.99. So I got it for $399+tax. Then when I mail in the v710 with my receipt, they will send me a check for $362. Not sure what tax is, but I'm thinking the net difference is $70 to $80 bucks outta my pocket

    Okay, looks like I'll just search around for appls
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    wow that's a great deal and yes you will be happy w/ the treo700 it's a great phone first and other things after.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crucifixion
    Okay, looks like I'll just search around for appls
    Here is some info that should help you get started:

    Best Sites for Windows Powered Pocket PCs, Handheld PCs, and Smartphones

    WM Easy of Use / One Hand Tips Thread -- has some good suggestions for apps

    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal
    There is a WM Apps forum here at TC. That is the place to look. Here are some good threads:

    Software For PPC
    Software Choices for WM03 & WM05
    Third-Party prog. THAT WORK on WM05!!
    Third-Party prog that DONOT work on WM05!!
    Software Coupon / Sales Thread

    Please always try to verify if the program you want is compatible with WM05 and can run with a 240x240 square screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal
    I personally recommend:

    • Resco File Manager
    • Sprite Backup
    • MS Voice Command
    • Pocket Informant -- PIM
    • MailFlex (formerly know as WebIs Mail)
    • PocketBreeze & Contact Breeze -- Today plugin in to display calender and email summaries and easy one handed contact look up and dialing
    • WisBar Advance 2 -- Good skins, great utilities including close program button, task manager, and nice menu organizer
    • SBP PocketPlus -- great utilities including safe mode, zip files, and alt-tab

    Here are some other great software references that I and others have posted:

    Here is probably the number one site for PPC reference I have ever found:

    I hope this helps.

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