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    ....when does an email you compose actually get sent? I compose and hit send, and it sits in my outbox forever. what good is that? I need something that sends immediately. Is this configured wrong?
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    It doesn't really have anything to do with wirless sync.(Depending on the setup you use.) For Pop3, all that does if you have it configured correctly is check every xx minutes for any items on mail server that have been sent or received.

    Where it matters is what you have setup for email in Outlook on the Treo to go and do a send/receive every xx minutes. This is when an email in the outbox gets sent, based on the time you have setup for outlook to check your mail.

    At that time it initiates a send and receive. If you don't have that setup, you can go into the menu and initiate a send/receive manually after you send the composed email.

    I have mine set to check every 15 minutes so if it just did a send and receive and I did a reply and pushed send, it would wait the 15 minutes to send.

    If I need it to go immediately, I initiate the send/receive from the menu.

    If you have an email account setup, go into the options and see if the Connect and check for messages every: is checked and there is a time setup in there.

    I think if this is left unchecked, then you manually have to initiate the send/receive.

    As far as I know, there isn't an option like in the regular Outlook to tell it to send immediately.

    Hope that makes sense and helps.
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    you're referring to pop or imap. wireless sync is something different. supposed to push everything. anyone else have an idea?
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    @ eldiablo How do you have Wireless Sync set up? If you are using Exchange or Domino email you will not be happy with time WS takes to send mail. nuflat is correct in that when you hit that send button, it is only subject to be actually sent out when you force a sync, when it is scheduled to sync, or when mail is pushed to you. Even after that occurs, mail may sit in limbo (in WS-land) for a very long time.

    Once my direct reports told me that they got my email almost a full day later. As a result, I only used WS to view mail and would rarely reply with it. I'd use another email account instead.

    This is a problem VZW has known about for almost 2 years now.
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    I stopped using Wireless Sync with my 650. We don't have an exchange server so it couldn't actually push mail to the device, (WS polls every so often). With the 700, I setup a direct connection to our mail server Pop3, and told outlook to do a send and receive every 15 minutes. For me, his has worked well. And if I need something to go out immediately, I do a manual send/receive on the Treo which sends the email to our server and it's sent within 30 seconds of my send/receive finishing.

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