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    Ok i needed to send a very large file through an email using the email is stuck in the sending stage and i cant seem to delete it or remove it or anything......and when i load outlook it brings my computer to a crawl because of can i fix this problem
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    Are you describing Outlook for Windows XP? If so, you might want to look at the Outlook Newsgroup set up for that very purpose.
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    no help there....i really need a fix for this....i cant uninstall from my PC control panel add/remove programs as its not on that list......and i cant re-install from the disc if its already do i stop that mail from sending?
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    I would disconnect your computer from the internet. Restart your computer. Open up Outlook. Go to the Outbox. Delete the offending email.
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    Quote Originally Posted by happypappy
    no help there....i really need a fix for this....
    I guess this entry, exactly where I sent you, doesn't sound just like what you described? Oh well. I would have put your finger on this link in my first post, but I guess I was still trying to figure out why an outlook for PC problem was posted in a Treo 700w forum so I took the time to ask you for clarification. Good luck - hope you find a solution.
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    thank kupe.....i must have looked over this when i used the link earlier...i appologize....and i posted this in the treo forum being that you have to sync with outlook and thats what us treo users use....eitehr way problem solved...thanx again
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    Ah, Kupe always being the good guy while making people feel stupid. What a guy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nuflat
    making people feel stupid.
    How can I make someone feel stupid?
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