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    Does anybody know if there is a way to map the "OK" button on the 700w to make it work with programs such as InClose or SPB Pocket Plus in order to actually CLOSE the windows, NOT just minimize? Basically, I want the OK button to do the same exact thing as tapping the top right corner on the screen when one of those programs is installed - to CLOSE the current window. Treo's memory is already low, and it's bad enough WM only knows how to minimize programs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lawrence.c.lee
    I use CloseAll.exe which can be downloaded in

    Put it in your start menu or whatever. I assign it to my Option-OK button, meaning now if I hold the OK button it will close all programs that are open. So I never have to go into the memory manager.

    Also download the Running Programs.lnk which basically is a shortcut to the Memory Manager. So now if i DO need to get into that, I just use this.

    Try this....
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    Very cool... One thing though - Is there a way to make this program close all EXCEPT a list of predefined applications? I like having my Tasks and Contacts open up instantly (poutlook.exe) as well as my Email (tmail.exe). If there's a way to tell CloseAll.exe to close all running tasks EXCEPT for those two mentioned above, my life would be set!

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