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    Quote Originally Posted by Ljj8503
    ....but they both agree that app loading and screen res isnt as good as the treo 650,but on the other hand multitasking and EVDO is hard to pass up...
    The user is in control of what he loads in to memory. Once you run out of memory, you are not going to get good results if you try to load something else. Forgive me if this seems simple to me, perhaps coming from an OS that only runs one app at a time, this might take a while to fully sink in.

    I am not quite sure how you can overlook the irony in liking the multitasking, but not understanding why you run out of memory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theBlaze74
    It doesn't sound like you do.
    I learned about how memory works when I took assembler several years ago before I went on to get a masters with a concentration in computer information systems. If my terminology is off on occasion, then my sincerest apologies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theBlaze74
    However .NET applications do use "managed code" and "garbage collection" to help clean up after unruly or poorly written software. Many other technologies do not.
    Gee, I wonder where they got that idea...
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