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    Hey all

    Is there any 3rd party tool that will synchronize the Treo 700w with Palm desktop? I simly refuse to use Outlook which I'm convinced is the source of all slowness on every computer I've ever installed it on.


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    Well you can't "uninstall" Outlook Express unless you employ the help of the folks at PClite. If you're not a Outlook and MSIE / WMP afficionado and especially if you don't hook into exchange server, the 700w seems a poor choice.

    Nevertheless, check this app out:

    "The latest version of XTNDConnect PC provides support for Novell GroupWise 6.5 SP2 and 7.0. Lotus Organizer users can now sync their NotePad information too. Included as well is support for 16 new Sony Ericsson phones including the K700, K750, W800 and W900. Support is also included for popular Palm devices including the Palm Treo 650, Palm Treo 700w, Palm LifeDrive and Palm Z22. Popular Windows Mobile device including the O2 xda, i-mate K-JAM, i-mate SP5, and Qtek 8310 are supported as well."

    * Microsoft Outlook
    * Lotus Notes
    * Novell GroupWise
    * Lotus Organizer
    * Act!

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