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    Check out also. It encompasses the Stream Center and adds a UK/Ireland and Australian set of links.
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    Have you noticed that WFAN is no longer on streamcenter? Additionally, I can no longer log in to listen from the WFAN website.

    Someone please tell me how to get the fan again.
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    Both of these websites crashed my new 700w
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    I just replaced my 650 with a 700P, mainly to allow me to stream WFAN. It is absolutely awesome! But it is annoying not being able to exit Kinoma while listening without losing the stream. Has anyone found a way around this? Can I stream it through PTunes? I searched this site, but haven't found anyone state if this can be done. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    WFAN now links to something that says streamtheworld and you have to download flash player. The problem is that you now have to keep the browser open to stream WFAN, and if you go to do anything else it closes. Anyone have any idea on how to fix this?
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    I think they changed sites, I used to stream from PC and the link was no longer valid yesterday. I just watch them on my slingbox now...
  7. #27 -- Works in Kinoma but won't work in WMP on your PC -- worked before but sitting on "buffering" for me in Ptunes today
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    Unfortunately neither of these links work on my Treo
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    Good news, guys.. WFAN has now been added back into the Kinoma Media Guide under World Radio by - Listen to US, Canadian, UK, Irish and Australian radio stations on your Treo!
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