So I have so far rigged a generic way to get streaming music to my phone. Using MochaVNC on my treo700 and RealVNC on my pc I connect to my pc and control my winamp which is outputting my own personal shoutcast station. It works pretty good, its a decent solution. But I have a problem. Well it seems that neither app, GSPlayer or MochaVNC will run simultaneously. When I load up MochaVNC to change the song... BSPlayer stops playing audio after a while. Then I have to hop back into BSPlayer and start the stream back up... this isnt much of an issue.. But I'm wondering what is causing this. I am going ot try different players in a second but I wanna know if this is an issue with BSPlayer... or if remotely connecting to my PC interrupts the connection.. even then I would figure that, if the treo can handle multiple connections of data.. i know the pc card I have can.

Thanks in advance... and if anyone has solutions that beat this lemme know... I use but I don't like the speed of it. Takes too long to start up media and even at that it seems to have issues.