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    My father just purchased the 700W. I was curious if it is compatible with a macintosh computer. If yes what software do he need to update his phone numbers and schedule through his comp. thanx
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    Here's some info on that. I don't know personally as I don't own a Mac. We have a MiniMac at work I may do some testing on just for fun. is now Soon to be a great resource site for all Windows Mobile phones.
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    It depends what you mean by "compatible". It does not come with any support out-of-the-box for the Mac, and Verizon and Palm won't help you if you mention the horrible, dirty M-word.

    As for syncing, there are third-party Windows Mobile sync utilities such as Missing Sync and PocketMac, but they have not yet released updates that are compatible with the Treo 700w. It's in the works though.

    If you use Entourage on the Mac, and are willing to pay a monthly fee for Exchange Server hosting, you can sync Calendar and Contacts between Entourage and the phone. Tasks, notes, and other data does NOT sync. This is a limitation of Entourage's support for Exchange Server.

    You can get pictures/videos off the phone by sending them to the Mac via Bluetooth, or with a standard memory card reader. You can also install software by placing the .CAB installer file on a memory card and running it from the device. Emailing files onto and off the phone works well too.

    So, the answer is: it depends.

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