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    I like to keep my phone on mute (switch on top of Treo) so that it's always in vibrate. Unfortunately, it seems Microsoft decided that Voice Command should use the main speaker (instead of the speaker for your ear used when on a phone call) to play the voice command prompts. Therefore the Treo's mute switch is pretty much useless if you want to run voice command, or you need to constantly switch it back and forth to use VC.

    What I ended up doing was keeping the mute switch permanently set to non-mute, and switch the ringer settings on the phone to always vibrate. This isn't a good solution though b/c I used to be able to get a normal ringtone ring when I flipped the mute switch, now I have to navigate through menus and change settings.

    This is more of a rant than anything else, but I just wanted to see if anyone else is bothered by this and/or has a solution.
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    I think I understand your issue, but imo, more people would be complianing if it functionned the way you want it to.

    What's the purpose of the mute button if it only mutes the ringer. I don't want to be in a meeting and the phone start spouting off reminders, etc.
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    Actually, what I'm proposing is slightly different. The mute button should mute all noises, I totally agree. All I'm saying I guess is that Voice Command should play it's prompts through the same mechanism as when you're talking on the phone. Today it doesn't, it sends the prompts (dings, talking, etc) through the speakerphone speaker, same as music and other things. I just want it to play it through the ear microphone, just like when you're on a call and listening to someone. After all, you will have the phone up against your ear when using voice command, so why not use the right speaker instead of the speakerphone one.
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    I totally agree. Voice command is a slick feature, it just doesn't make sense for the prompts to come through the speaker. Has anybody figured out a way to have the prompts come through the earpiece (whether the mute switch is on or not)?

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