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    I dont' know if anyone has seen this or not but it appears to be a pretty good task manager.
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    Good find, thanks!
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    If you click on more, theres a menu item for soft reset. It's big advantage is that it changes the default behavior of the x at the top right, so that it actually removes the program from memory.
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    I've been using Magic Button for a while, and I agree, its pretty good. Overall its pretty stable and does the job. The soft reset is handy, but once in while my 700w screws up where I cannot access bluetooth and I can't access the Magic Button menu to do a soft reset. At that point I have to remove the batter cover which is annoying as hell. I really should look into a replacement cover with the hole in the right place.
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    Magic Button is my fav WM5 software. Jasons Virtual Earth Mobile is a close second. And both are FREE!
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    I've been using it since Jan when I got my Treo. Good stuff!
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    Is there any way to add Magic Button to the start program? Id like it to load when the OS starts up
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    From the Magic Button settings there is an option to Auto Start it.
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    Has anyone installed Magic Button on 750v? How does it compared to say click and hold the 'Ok' button for activating the task manager? Am I missing something here.
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