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    In my experience with other PDAs ActiveSync has been a source of much frustration. Especially when a device has the ability to synchronize both with a PC and directly with an Exchange Server. I have seen that when a device is setup to sync with a PC, then changed to sync with a server, ActiveSync continues to try to sunc locally and causes problems. I have my 700w setup to sync directly with my Exchange server and everything has been working properly. This device has never been connected to a PC. I need to be able to use ActiveSync on a PC so that software and extra stuff can be installed easily (not everything is available in a ".cab" file to allow it to be installed from the device itself). I have seen other forum threads warning of this USB vs wireless sync issue. Am I OK installing Activesync on a PC, created a partnership, and configuring it not to synchronize anything? Has anyone else had any problems with a similar scenario? Other than installing apps and copying stuff over I have no other need to synchronize with a PC.
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    By not selecting anything to sync it should hopefully not mess up your ActiveSync. I have no end of problems with my ActiveSync and I think it stems from me syncing to two different computers, but I'm not sure. Currently my sync never gets beyond the "Looking for Changes" state and I'm too lazy to start from scratch from a hard reset to fix it again.
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    You can hook your phone to the sync cord and down load programs with out syncing to your computer... When you hook up your phone and the sync program comes up on your computer, just hit cancel and it will transmit downloaded data and not sync. I do mine the same way because of some of the active sync problems that i have had. You can also sync your computer to your phone or vice/versa and sync them to get any info. that you may need and then go in and delete that server so that active sync never comes up again untill you tell your computer to sync to your phone.
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    I am currently using WirelessSync for all my contacts and everything. When I connect the phone to my computer, I just hit cancel as Budman says. I haven't had any problems for a few days I cross my fingers. is now Soon to be a great resource site for all Windows Mobile phones.
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    Thanks for the feedback.

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