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    I want to switch to Wireless Sync because Activestink keeps ruining everything. I only want to use it for contacts, appointments, and notes -- I'm happy using POP for e-mail.

    Can I set up Wireless Sync with push on two different computers?
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    I'd like to know the answer to this question too.

    For many years, I had a Fusionone account that kept my home computer, work computer, and handheld all in sync. But they stopped this service as of April 10 and I've been adrift ever since. I've found only a couple possible alternatives but they turned out to not work for me becuase they could only synch pst files between two desktops. My work desktop is in an Exchange server environment with no pst files.

    Anyway, I was having this same thought today - what if wireless sync could be used to keep them all in sync. What a wonderful work it would be.

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    Are you asking if you can have 2 PC Monitors running at the same time?
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    yes, pc monitor on two computers. or pc monitor on one and activesync on the other.
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    At the same time, No. You can install PC Monitor on two but only one can be running at a time. It is a very simple process - remove one and start up the other.

    You can activesync your Treo 700w on 2 computers.
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    What about PC monitor on one and AS on the other? This doesn't seem to be able to work, but I don't see why it wouldn't.
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    Tried that. Duplicate City is the result.

    Wireless Sync is more capable than activesync for syncing contacts. It sees subfolders and syncs them effortlessly. But be aware that you can't ever turn off email depite the switches available on the wireless sync website.

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