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    I had most of my programs installed on my 1GB SD card and just noticed that I can no longer access them from the start menu. The icons are still there but they are plain boxes and it will not open the programs. I can scroll to the SD card and manually find and open the programs fine. Any ideas?

    I'm also wondering if there is a way to mannually add a program to the start menu besides the options provided in menu setup. Some are not listed as an option.
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    If your SD card is now listed as "Storage Card2" then you removed the card improperly. If not that, then I'm not sure what it could be.
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    chewbrain's suggestion is a good one. You might have just removed the card and an app requiring "Storage Card" created it using device memory. Once you reinserted the card, it became "Storage Card2". Moreover, if you install anything to "Storage Card2" and you don't have it inserted, "Storage Card2" will be recreated for you on the device! The next time you insert the card, it will become "Storage Card3"!

    Just look at your device using File Explorer. If you need the contents of "Storage Card", copy it over to Storage Card2" first and then delete "Storage Card" from the device.

    Now the reverse could have also happened. That is, you always had a "Storage Card2" and installed products there. For some reason (replacement device or whatever), "Storage Card" on the device doesn't exist. You then have a problem which takes longer to resolve.
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    Okay, That makes sense. I guess I'll have to do maintanance any time the SD card pops out automatically.

    It appears I have everything working now but I loose the icons on some of my programs after I do a sprite backup. I'll probably post this issue in a sep thread.
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    OK I have done a search trying to find the type of problem
    I'm having and this is the closest that I have found.

    My problem is that I will lose access to the memory card,
    as if there is not one installed. A soft reset brings it back.

    Also I can not tell if this is because of the update or if the
    phone itself is the problem, this was a replacement phone
    that I recieved the same day the update came out.

    Any help on this?
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    Does this happen with any card? You might want to try another card before getting another phone.
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    Thanks Beryl, I'll give that a shot and see what happens.
    But "IF" it happens with the other card, do you think it would
    be the phone at fault or the update?
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    I don't know, Mondo. It is a good idea to eliminate the card as being the problem though.
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    Thanks, I've installed another card and will post back the results later.
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    "UPDATE" it's the stupid phone.

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