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    I've trying searching the forum, but don't see any discussion of this issue and would appreciate any advice to handle the following:

    I have set up two POP3 accounts on my Treo700w. I want to be able to sync or copy the emails I send through my Treo with my desktop Outlook accounts. However, ActiveSync does not send my Treo-sent emails to my desktop when I sync. I have selected the "sent" folder to sync and have also tried moving the sent messages to the inbox but neither seems to work.

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    I had an issue with Sent Mail in Pocket Outlook as well. I don't activesync my mail but I use IMAP mail. I couldn't get it to save my sent mail to my sent mail folder when I emailed from my handheld. Here was my solution - and this only works if your PC is always connected:

    -Setup a rule in Outlook on your PC that any email received from yourself gets put into your 'Sent Mail' folder
    -Have Pocket Outlook always 'BCC' your outgoing emails to your own email address.

    This way, as soon your Outlook on your PC receives that email you just sent, it will be put in your 'Sent Folder'. With IMAP, this occurs instantly and has the exact same effect as it should be working in the first place. With POP3 you'll have a delay of however long you have for automatic email checking.

    Pocket Outlook has its bugs. I've worked around them for the time being until a good client that supports push comes along. Hope this helps in some way.
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    Thanks for the tip. That would probably work for me, but can you tell me how to set up Pocket Outlook to always BCC my outgoing emails to my email address?
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    oh, sorry...very poor choice of words on my part. I made it sound like you could actually set it up to automatically BCC yourself. No, I manually do it every email I send (which isn't more than 4-5 per day from my handheld). It's only like 3 extra keystrokes (type in the first couple letters of your email and it should pop right up.). This will get annoying if you send tons of emails from your handheld. I guess it was my wishful thinking - sorry I confused you. Pocket Outlook is very simplistic - not too much customizing. I'm surprised other people haven't helped out on this thread. There has to be better ways to sync sent mail. I just use this way because it works for me fine. If I were a "power emailer" from my device this probably would not be the best solution.
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    Thanks. I agree this isn't an issue for more people. I tried Wireless Sync, but I don't believe that handles sent mail either. I guess we're stuck with manually bcc'ing.

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