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    Tired of all the bugs with my 700w so I picked up a Nokia 9300 with Cingular yesterday. So far so good.

    Can i live without a camera, vibrate, and EVDO speeds? We shall see....
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    How is your reception? I have read less than stellar reviews for that part of the phone, but good things in general.
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    I'm getting excellent reception. My big test is the computer server room that i'm in most of the day. I get 3 bars in the room, same as I did with the 700, and jumps to full signal when i step out of the room. Since i've only had the phone a day or so, I cant really give a good comparison. I will say that the audio quality is better on the 9300.
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    I'm considering the 9300 ..... are you using Blackberry Connect on this device by any chance?
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    Yup... and so far so good. It's instantaneous with cingular. No 15 minute sync periods like verizon had.

    All i can say is the phone works like a Nokia phone should. No bugs.. no missed calls. no call waiting problems. No wondering why the call went straight into voice mail instead of ringing. No lockups nothing bad to report as of yet.

    No camera? No big deal. No vibrate? Sucks.. but i can live with out it. No EVDO speeds? EDGE is still pretty snappy.

    It appears that the 9300a and 9300i were having RF issues in the US. The 9300b however gets excellent reception.. so far.
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    they still make phones that can't vibrate?
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    Apparently so.....

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