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    I currently just have a normal phone (LG VX6100), and while at my house my calls drop pretty regularly. I also switch back and forth between analog and digital pretty often in the house. The phone works perfectly fine everywhere else, including a block to the left and a block to the right. Carrier is Verizon. What sucks is that I work from home mostly and my cell phone is the phone I use most for work. I've opened repeated tickets with Verizon, but I imagine getting a stronger signal where I am will just take time (I'm not way out in no-mans-land or anything either).

    Here's the question. Has anyone been in a similar situation, and then bought the Treo 700w and actually seen better signal just due to it having a better antenna, etc? I'm afraid to invest in it and stick with Verizon if its not going to improve.

    I'm specifically speaking of seeing a difference in one specific geographical region that was always problematic before. As well this may sound dumb, but I have this huge antenna on my house to pickup local TV stations (was there when we bought the house) and I've always wondered if its bothering the signal at all. I have no understanding of how the cellular/TV signals work, so forgive me if thats nowhere near possible.
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    Mine works better than the 6100 in all areas
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    I can tell a difference in certain areas where I used to lose calls, I will now hold a call better. The difference is really noticible for me in certain places, then in others its close to the same.

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