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    I have been told our corporate Outlook server is not accessible via the internet due to passwords restrictions. Also the WEBMAIL server is not accessible unless using a 128 Bit encryption through IE...
    Anyone have any suggestions for getting around this predicament?
    I have tried setting up a computer that just checks mail but I am getting the following error:
    Error MAPI_E_NETWORK_ERROR (80040115) V:\portal\Client\PortalOutlookTranslator\MAPIFields.cpp 9218
    Error MAPI_E_NETWORK_ERROR (80040115) V:\portal\Client\PortalOutlookTranslator\OutlookOptions.cpp 427
    Error occurred while opening the default MS Outlook folders. Go to the Sync Settings dialog and press Settings next to Outlook.
    Error occurred while preparing for first synchronization

    Any tricks or fixes out there???
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    Desktop redirector for Wireless Sync might work. You can see if one of the email clients supports 128bit HTTP connections, or you can try the netfront browser which supports 128 bit encryption.

    If they have gone to all of this trouble to make the server inaccessible do they have a 3rd party app or process to allow mobile users to get it such as good or BB connect?

    Also if your organization uses SecureID for remote access there is a Windows Mobile piece but I have never tested it.

    Last but not least (in terms of effort and hassle) is a VPN solution if your company uses VPN access for remote users.
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    My company is EXTREMELY anal and adamant that they will not allow me to sync work emails with my Treo. Here are a few ways around it:

    1) Wireless sync should work if you can install it to your PC, but I don't have install privileges so that didn't work for me.

    2) Try setting up your Outlook to auto-forward to a POP3 address that is set up on your Treo. Again, this won't work for me because my company doesn't allow autoforwarding to an outside address.

    The only way I can currently access my work emails is to access my home PC via Logmein and check that way. It's a huge pain in the ****, but if I am out and REALLY need to check it, that's what I am forced to do.

    If anybody has any other suggestions, I am very open! I've had it with our IT Dept's anal rules.
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    Are you trying to set up Outlook or Pocket Outlook? Sounds like you are trying to setup MAPI from a pc.

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