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    What's the smallest SD WiFi card available for the 700w? I'd like to get something that's unobtrusive and less noticeable since I plan to keep it in all the time. Just about everywhere I go I have access to WiFi, so I'd prefer the faster connection over EvDo. I don't really need the slot for SD cards since I mainly just use ORB to stream from my PC.

    I'm curious to know what other people's experiences with wifi cards on the 700w have been as far as battery life is concerned. Can the unit last the entire day with the WiFi card inserted?
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    "Just about everywhere I go I have access to WiFi"

    Man I wished I always had access to WiFi. I have the Ambicom WL11-SD card and have used it sparingly. I am always on the go in the car so it is hard for me to get a WiFi signal unless I am stationary for some time in an active area. So to keep it in the slot and waste battery make no sense. Plus I have a 1g card I usually use also.
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    The E300 stubby is one of the smallest I have seen.

    About 3/8" sticks out of the phone.

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