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    I must admit that I have and play more than the fair share of games on my WM phone. My favorites seem to change on a regular basis and often times cycle, as games become my favorite, replaced by a new game, and then comes back around to my favorite again.

    I just wanted to start a thread talking about PDA games, personal reccomendations, compatibility, tips & hints, tweaks, etc....
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    If you are new to WM Gaming, here is a good site to take a look thru that might even answer some questions that you didn't even know you had!

    PDA Gaming Guide

    My personal favorites at the moment are:
    • Warefare Incorporated
    • Emperor's Mahjong
    • Full Hand Casino
    • Gamebox Solitaire
    • Virtual Pool Mobile
    • Bookworm
    • PPcReversi

    (please note that I do not have confirmation that the games I listed above are compatible with the WM05 and the 700w's square screen)
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    I've seen a lot of "square" friendly games but the fonts are so squished that they obviously just squeezed it down for the square rather than redo the graphics for the square.
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    On my Treo 700W, I play Championship Cribbage from Dreamquest Software. It is Windows Mobil 5.0 compatible, 240x240 compatibale and Square Screen compatible. Dreamquest has the following games that are compatible:
    * Championship Cribbage Pro
    * Championship Hearts Pro
    * Championship Spades Pro
    * Championship Euchre Pro
    * Championship 500 Pro
    * Championship Gin Pro
    * Championship Chess Pro
    * Championship Checkers Pro
    * Championship Mahjongg Pro

    Trial and full version of each are available.

    Dreamquest Sofware website is:

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    I'm a Dreamquest fan also. So far, I have Hearts, Spades, & Gin. The developer (another Coloradoan) did a great job supporting the screen and one-handed play.

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