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    ok here is my dilema.....on pretty much every other cell phone i have owned, there were options in the alarm clock menu where you could either set the larm for a specific time like normal or you could have "quick alarm" type of thing where you can choose every 1h, every 2 hrs, or basically the alarm will sound then you turn the alarm off and 2hrs later it goes off again....then turn off and 2hrs later yet again.........untill you actually turn the alarm settings off........i need this funtion very badly and have no idea what third party app would be the best and easiest to use, if there is even one out there with this feature......any ideas....thanx so much
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    I use SBP Time for my alarms. In the settings it offers 5, 10, and 15 minute snooze options. I have set it for 15 snooze option, then gone into the reg and changed it to 60 minutes before.

    A little round about way, but it works.

    Edit: NM....I guess the newest version is a little different. I will have to experierment to see if I can get to work like that again.
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    thanx hobbes....that would be great!!!....i need this really bad.....please keep me posted as i have spb time also
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    I've been using a simple little alarm program that's free also. The only down side is it was made for a 240X320 screen. So i can't see the last 3 selections. It's still very usable and the easiest alarm that has never failed to go off at the set time I've found. There's a post here:

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    I found a post on another forum that tells how to resourcehack the exe to fit the Treo screen! It's great!!;wap2

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