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    how can i get aol messenger and new email addy for treo 700? i just got it yesterday.

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    For aol mail you can use the Messaging (pocket outlook) app. Open Messaging, click on Menu->Tools->New Account; enter your email address; click next and then it should automatically set it up the rest of the way.
    If you have to do it manually set up an IMAP email account and specify mail server and smtp server

    As far as instant messaging is concerned there are several apps available. There was a recent thread discussing all of them in this forum. I would not suggest using the AOL or AIM software since they aren't yet written for WM5.

    If you are an AOL member you can set up IM forwarding to send a text message to your phone when you aren't signed on to AOL and someone IM's you. This works pretty slick. You can set it here

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