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    What does this do? I'm trying to streamline my 700w and I'm removing stuff from the startup folder.
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    Excellent question. Anybody know?
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    not sure, but what you can try is:
    1) do a Sprite backup
    2) delete the poutlook in startup
    3) soft reset...and see if anything has changed.

    you can always Sprite Restore if things don't work right afterwards.
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    I believe poutlook is actually Pocket Outlook and this is the exe for the program. In doing some googling I found out that if you don't have any POP3/IMAP account defined in Messaging that peridically connects to the Net to download mail, then, you can safely delete poutlook.lnk.

    This will free up some memory since it doesn't have to load the program at startup. However if you use Outlook on the 700 to automatically check a pop3/imap account every xx minutes, then it would behoove you to leave it.
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    Thanks. I simply moved it to my SD card and no probs post reset.
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    It will make your SMS messaging application slow in starting because it uses the pocket outlook application.

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