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    i now have the unlimited data plan and would like to sync my outlook while at work.....i remember when i first got the treo i set itup and realized i didnt need it cuz i never had a data plan.....but there was that annoying space taker upper lol icon at the bottom of the todat screen...anyway to use WS without having that icon.?....thanx
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    I'm not sure but how did you get a Treo with Verizon and not have to get a data plan?
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    you just dont get a "data plan"....there are three data plans...well in my eyes only two...1.) being the $25 for 10mb a month....2.) being the unlimited for 44.95 and then the "pay as you go" which is 1.5 cents per kb.......i was on the pay as you go and just using occasionally and then using a wifi card
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    This is an older thread, but I'd like to see if anyone has any input on this. I just installed wireless sync and like it pretty well, however that icon at the bottom of my Today screen is wasting a lot of space... more importantly it keeps taking the focus from my PocketBreeze and PocketRSS Today screen plugins, causing the sync menu to appear when I am trying to click on RSS items.

    Any way to remove the wireless sync icon short of not using it?

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