To all,

I am a traveling sales rep and I am debating between the treo 700w and the 650. My question is in regards to push email and personal POP3 accounts. I am a former treo 600 user whom used snappermail to retrieve my POP3 email before switching to a blackerry for the bluetooth capability. Currently, my home computer uses outlook and through outlook is recieve my gmail email, .mac email, and my godaddy email accounts. No fully understanding the entire "push email technology", my question is will the MS outlook on the treo 700w grab the email from the various accounts and display them. If not is there a program similar to snappermail that will grab the email and display them in outlook. Again all these email accounts are personal so don't have an business exchange server nor do i use one for work. Please leave direction on how to accomplish this if it possible. Thanks again