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    I've always been a GSM user, so making the switch to a CDMA carrier was a difficult decision for me. I travel to Europe alot, so having one number and seemless international roaming was a big plus with T-Mobile/Cingular. I also loved the concept of the SIM card and being able to switch phones at will.

    EV-DO is the one factor that made me switch over. GSM providers have been seriously dragging their feet with the rollout of UMTS/HSDPA. For the past 3 months I've been using the i-mate k-jam on T-Mobile. While it's definitely a great device, it doesn't live up to it's full potential. Having broadband on Pocket PC devices takes everything to a different level. I liked the idea of being able to stream live video/TV from the internet and off my PC(with ORB) and have super fast web browsing capabilities.

    The Treo form factor is hands-down the best IMHO It's compact and the keyboard is conveniently located and easier to dial numbers with than other pocket pc phones. I wasn't a big fan of the slide-out keyboard on the k-jam because of the geek-factor(I'm a college student so it's important to be fashionable!) and difficulty with dialing numbers. When I heard about the 700w having WM, I knew i was in love. The functionality of WM combined with the sweet form factor of the Treo is a match made in heaven. I was skeptical about the low program memory allocation, but I really don't do too much multi-tasking.

    I had a feeling it would be awhile before any broadband enabled pocket PC devices would be available on GSM, so I decided to take the plunge and go to the dark side(CDMA/VZW). Besides, it'll keep me busy until the GSM providers get their acts together. So I ordered a 700w from Amazon with a one year contract to be used as a second line mainly for data-use. With all the hype surrounding Verizon's network and EV-DO service I had really high expectations.

    Let me start off by saying EV-DO is amazing(WHEN IT WORKS!). I live in San Diego and EV-DO really seems to be a hit or miss here depending on the time of day and location. It's EXTREMELY inconsistent and that is my main complaint so far. When it works, it works beautifully between 600 and 800kbps. Other times I'll be getting 100 to 200kbps which is a bit disappointing considering that Verizon charges $44.99/month for data. I'm thinking that this might be due to congestion on Verizon's network. I confirmed this by doing a speed test at 3am in the morning--I got 889kbps! But the inconsistency that I've been getting is really unacceptable considering the price.(Anyone else from San Diego with experiences?)

    My friend has the PPC6700 with Sprint and seems to get much better speeds consistently. Sprint also charges $15 for data which is a great deal for EV-DO. I really wish Sprint had the 700w...I'm thinking about returning the 700 and doing a trial with the PPC6700 on Sprint---but the form factor just doesn't appeal to me.

    So far I think the phone design is perfect for me. The keyboard is ideal for sending SMS messages, IMs, and e-mails. The screen is a little small for web browsing but it does the job. As a phone, I have no complaints--Verizon's coverage is pretty good, but it does sound a bit "tinny" and unnatural compared to my GSM service.

    What I really want is a Treo 700w with double the memory, Wi-Fi, quadband GSM/triband UMTS and I'll be in heaven. But until then, this will do...
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    What phone did you have before?
    Palm III-->Palm IIIxe-->Palm 505-->Samsung i300-->Treo 600-->PPC 6600-->Treo 650-->Treo 700wx-->BB Pearl--> BB Curve

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    An i-mate k-jam for everyday purposes along with a Sony Ericsson k750 for going out on the weekends etc...The combination worked alright, but I'd much rather have one device which is why I started looking at the Treo.

    I really think I might have to return the 700 though . As much as I like the phone, Verizon's EV-DO coverage just too inconsistent where I am to pay $45 a month for. I think I might have to give Sprint a try with the 6700. Has anyone here gone from the 700w to a 6700 or vice versa?

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