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    I have been experiancing problems with Resco Pocket Radio when I tap on a "station" button, the display simply shows "Connecting" and then never connects, or displays nothing and never connects. At times Resco Radio works quite well, but I still have FREQUENT problems.

    Today it is even worse! When I tap on the Resco Radio icon to start the program, I see the little "loading wheel" for just a second, but the program will not run - in fact it never even loads!

    This is a wonderful program when it works, but I am getting frustrated. I've tried a soft reset and that does not seem to solve the problem. I am using a Treo 700W running WM5 and Resco Radio v1.50. Any one have a any suggestions?

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    I have found Resco to be unreliable in the past - I suspect a memory leak or some basic instability in the code. I started to use TCPMP (free) instead and find it very good. It plays the same content (.PLS files) as Resco Radio but in a less convenient UI.

    I also use the free Real Player for Windows Mobile. I pick up the stations I like on the website:
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    try Resco Radio beta 2 version:

    I really like the program (UI), but also find it "hit or miss"...have changed many settings including buffer size increase, which sorta helps.

    For some reason, I can no longer import any .pls files, into my favorites...not sure if this has happened to you guys-

    edit - Tom, I see that you already visited their forum
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    For this kind of radio I use shout cast with GS Player. I works great and its free.
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    I don't know. I REALLY like the interface! I hope I can find a solution. Resco Radio is very convenient and, if it's simply a matter of settings, I love to know. Otherwise Resco needs to issue an update. I have sent Resco support an email asking these things and will report back when (of if) I receive a response.


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