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    I am using and having all my pop3 email redirected to my Treo using scheduled sync. When that next software update comes out I guess I can do without the scheduling as it should become automatic.

    How can I sync files? I have a .txt document that I take notes on my PC with & I would like it to be synced with my 700w.

    I used to use a Dell Axim x50v & I would just add that file to the sync directory & whenever I took a note, it was synced onto the x50v.

    How can I accomplish that on the Treo 700w / Exchange?

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    I still plug my Treo into my Desktop so I can sync my notes and my wallet file. But if I could figure out a wireless exchange sync I'd do that as well. But I think we are stuck with Active Sync either wired or by Bluetooth.
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    I like the idea of bypassing actitvesync all together. I am wondering how to do it.

    Maybe I can use a email instead of a text document?

    I can save a shortcut to my desktop maybe? Anyone?
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    I'm using also, and I often email myself files, especially cab files for installing and upgrading my software on my treo. Start a Word Mobile document on the Treo and mail it back and forth.
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    If I have a word document I am mailing back & forth, how can I have a shortcut on my desktop for it ?
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    I don't know about on your desktop, but you could create a special search folder in outlook so all messages with the subject 'SuperMan' could be easily found by opening the search folder.
    Give your mail a special subject name and then create a new search folder searching for that special name. The messages would still be in your inbox but if you have lots of other messages, it might be easier to find.

    The problem with a shortcut on the desktop is that I would assume each time you mail it back to your desktop, it is going to be either a different name Superman, Superman(1), Superman(2), etc. or in a different folder.
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    Well, the email has been working pretty good (the solution). I just keep replying to the original email (& removing the headers) to add on to the document. Its not perfect, but not so bad.
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    I have still be using the email solution as I cant figure out another one, but I end up with mulitple copies & versions. I figured I would see if anyone else had come up with a solution.

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