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    I have owned the 700w for a few weeks now, and while I love much of it, I was wondering if anyone knew the answers to a few questions. Here goes:
    • why does the email notification balloon still come up with "you have 43 unread messages" then "you have 44 unread messages" in spite of the fact that I have onscreen notifications turned off (I use Exch server sync, as items come in)

    • why does the vibrate for new emails buzz twice, rather than once, and why is the second vibration about 5-6 seconds long? (annoying as hell)

    • why does an address lookup (or phone number lookup) take 5-8 seconds? (actually even more annoying when trying to get to a number or send an email quickly

    • whose bright idea was it (but more importantly, can it be fixed) to have Menu-A be the key stroke for Mark as Unread, and Menu-E be the key stroke for Reply All

    • why can I not silence the ringer with the phone in my pocket by hitting the volume key, like with my old 600?

    • is there a way to turn the screen off during a call? I can't find it

    • why can I not paste a phone number into the Today screen dialer line? why do I have to go to Dial Pad to do that?

    • is there a way to turn the screen off during a call? I can't find it

    • why don't my reply/forward flags show up in Pocket Outlook?????

    Other than these things and the lack of memory which causes my super-cool picsel viewer to crash constantly, I love it!

    Thanks in advance for any assistance ...
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